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Monday, March 03, 2008

Digital Signage Expo 2008

Last week, electronic evolutions attended the Digital Signage Expo (DSE) in Las Vegas. The show featured several new products that cater to the needs of the ever-expanding digital signage market. We were particularly impressed with products from our two primary digital signage manufacturer partners, Omnivex and Planar.

Omnivex, a leading digital sigange software developer, introduced its Moxie software suite at the DSE. Moxie uses the same 3D graphics engine found in Windows Vista and high-end video games, which allows it to deliver rich video content on display screens. It also can target messages to viewers based on conditions such as the weather, current events, stock market activity, etc., to provide the most relevant content in real-time. Another benefit we find useful is Moxie's fully scalable graphics. No longer do designers need to concern themselves with creating graphic layouts of different sizes to accommodate varying screen resolutions, since Moxie scales everything appropriately. The programming interface has been greatly improved for ease of use. Additionally, the Design Studio has been enhanced to allow for expanded content creation. As the product gets closer to shipping in June, Omnivex will announce an upgrade path for existing users.

Planar's iS40 integrated digital appliance is a turnkey signage solution. It includes a 40-inch monitor, an Intel-based Duo Core PC, wi-fi connectivity, and Planar's CoolSign software -- all integrated in one package. This is about as "plug-and-play" as it gets. We were particularly impressed with its ease of use and deployability -- all it needs is AC power and ethernet. CoolSign has added additional functionality such as internal processing to allow for up to 4 screens to share an image, providing video wall functionality using standard flat panel displays. Its scheduling features now integrate with Google Calendar and Outlook.

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